Hibiya Technology & Finance
Company Profile

Company Profile

Company Name Hibiya Technology & Finance Co.,Ltd.
Year of Foundation 2005
Capital Paid up Yen 10,000,000
Registered Office 〒100-0011 5th Floor Imperial Hotel Tower, 1-1-1,
Uchisaiwai-cho, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo, Japan
President Shigenobu Kawata
Business Description Product development, commercialization and marketing.
Investment advisory services and consulting
E-mail info@hibiya-tf.com

Introduction of Product Division

Our vision is to help people everywhere by finding products and technologies of Japan that are yet unknown to the world and refine our discoveries into something of value, ready to be presented to the rest of the world.

With all quality products, we are involved in development activities such as commercialization and marketing to prepare the products for distribution.
We differentiate ourselves from wholesale distributors by our ability to transform quality products into products that are marketable and attractive to consumers.

In terms of innovative technology, we aim to be a one-stop shop providing solutions in fund procurement, development, and promotion in preparation for worldwide distribution.

Our products are distributed not only within Japan, but also in other Asian countries as well.

We work with our corporate clients and partners in the planning, promoting and financing activities of various products and technologies. Through such collaborative efforts, we seek to promote the growth of our company as well as that of our corporate clients and partners.